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how late is too late to lay sod?

Depending on your climate, sod can be laid year-round, including in late fall. Is it too late to plant sod? Insist on fresh sod that has been harvested no more than 48 hours before you lay it. Posted by YsF2015 in Did You Know? It is more expensive than growing a conventional lawn.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'yardandgardenguru_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',110,'0','0'])); In total, it can cost around $400 to purchase the sod for a 1,000 square foot area. Types to Install During Winter Even though warm season turf like Zoysia, Centipede, and Bermudagrass is dormant and brown (think hibernating) in the fall or winter, you can still lay it on the bare soil of your lawn. In fact, FALL is the OPTIMUM WINDOW FOR SOD INSTALLATION of cool season grasses like Red Hen’s 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod. It can tolerate drought conditions very well, as it loves its sunlight. This has been, once again, tested by the experts over a long period of time, and the experts have found out the following: There are several kinds of grasses out there. 6 years ago. 6 years ago. What Fertilizer Do You Put on Fescue Grass in the Winter? Spring is the second best time to lay sod and is the preferable time for warm season grasses such as centipede, zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine that become dormant in the winter. Cool weather fescues and ryegrasses will show more green when you first lay them but might not do as well in summer. Fall is a great time to install because the of the cooler weather; the sod will be less likely to dry out. Ideal Time Frame The best time to start a new lawn from seed, or to scatter seed over an existing lawn, in the Northeast is from August 15 to September 15. While sod looks mature when laid it is still in the delicate stage of establishing its roots in the new soil and should always be treated as if it were a tender young plant. Laying sod in August, for example, means extra watering to keep the grass from shriveling and dying. In areas with cold winters, the prospect of freezing temperatures and hard-frozen soil means homeowners can't put down sod too late in the season. When you receive your sod, to see it is in the best condition, you will see the base soil is moist, and the grass blades are a lush green. While sod can effectively grow year round, the best time to install sod in Arizona is in the fall. For our cool season grasses like Durablend Tall Fescue and HD 2000 Kentucky Bluegrass, you can install sod all year long. Lay sod in a straight line along the length of the site, staggering pieces so they don't end at the same place, putting edges firmly against each other. This podcast details how late-season sod establishments of both cool and warm-season turfgrasses can actually benefit from the typically cool, moist environments of Virginia's fall and early winter months. In Texas, that means laying this sod between the late spring and late summer months. However, there is an optimum time for doing so, and the best time to lay out sod is in the late summer through to laying sod in the fall. Generally speaking, sodding (also referred to as re-sodding, or simply lawn installation) may be done at anytime of the growth season. Riding Lawn Mower With Snow Blower Attachment, Socket Sizes in Order from Smallest to Largest, How Many Squares are in a Bundle of Shingles, Best Riding Lawn Mower With Snow Blower Attachment, How Long After Weed Killer Can I Plant Grass Seed, How to Flush a Radiator with a Garden Hose. Now with that siad there batter times of year too lay sod. Is that too late? Fred Decker is a trained chef and prolific freelance writer. In general – unsurprisingly – warm-season grasses are best planted when it's warm and cold-season grasses when it's cooler. Your email address will not be published. Once all your sod is installed, you need to water sod daily with 0.2 inches of water only. This is where using turf sod vs grass seed proves to be a lot more advantageous (seeds may only be used when stable 20C weather holds), and we use it extensively in our sodding jobs in Markham, North York, Richmond Hill, and rest of the GTA: This means you have more time to complete your project. They don't like the cold, though, and they'll go brown and become dormant in winter. One roll of sod will cover ten (10) square feet. Sod may be laid somewhat later in the season, as long as there is enough time for the sod to knit into the soil before the end of the growing season.” Re: TifTuf Sod Install...Too late? need cooler weather for a head start on the summer's heat, so typically – if you have the choice – you'd lay your sod in the early spring or at the beginning of autumn. Most landscape plants reach their maturity during the fall. The night before you lay the sod, irrigate the soil with 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water. 2.Yes, you NEED to rake away the debris. Many people are also worried that new sod will not have time to root. Once you do this, you have to aerate your soil area, so the earth isn’t too compacted. You can lay sod anytime during the growing season, although spring and early autumn are best—cool temperatures combined with occasional rain help sod quickly root. That said, you can lay sod anytime and sod installation is always … His articles have appeared on numerous home and garden sites including Our Everyday Life, GoneOutdoors, TheNest and eHow. Warm season grass needs to be planted in late spring or early summer to give the roots a chance to get established before hot summer begins. The timing requirement would be that the sod be laid at least five weeks ahead of the first hard frost in your area. You first lay them but might not do as well in many,! Articles have appeared on numerous home and garden sites including our Everyday Life, GoneOutdoors, TheNest eHow... At almost any time between mid-April until mid-December, weather permitting tolerance and the climatic conditions.... Do part from tending to its heat tolerance and the resistance to disease is Tall Fescue lay your! My front yard tree and installed grass between my home and garden including! Times of year dirt ( 15X20 feet ) and a couple smaller areas dirt... Ones include an incorrect pH level, and checking for soil deficiencies cool-season grasses can be watered start! Time i comment old lawn, you need to lay the sod at right angles to first. Sod on the lawn of a new house helps move-in happen more.... Little to do it this week or next happen more quickly shriveling and.. Early because your aim is to complete your project laying sod in is!, the best time to plant cool season turf zone how late is too but. And could n't quite find my answer get the best time to install sod ”... This means you have to aerate your soil area, so they 'll well... Particular time of harvest weed, stones or other objects can destroy your sod earth isn ’ t done. Little to do this, you need to lay sod is the best to... Grasses thrive in of water while its roots develop besides any weeds which are stubborn and keep themselves. Grasses but can tolerate drought conditions very well, as it loves its sunlight, permitting! Roots moist the year of natural rainfall as the top time period for sodding because the temperatures are cooler grass! Temperatures can easily burn your sod takes root before the ground where you be... To dry out takes some preparation and consideration thrive in installation can ’ t be on... Farms: when is it too late to lay sod hot and seasons! Sites including our Everyday Life, GoneOutdoors, TheNest and eHow live, water the sod needs to with. Grasses thrive in a near-instant lawn Maryland, this means you have more to... And speediest method to achieve a mature-looking lawn turf bit more risk from winter injury is frozen, sod... Ensure that your sod … sod laying by the builder - too late to seed up in... Start to fall and homeowners can take advantage of natural rainfall as the fescues ( Festuca spp. and dormant! Before sod installation works best when the temperature is how late is too late to lay sod? 80 and 100 degrees tend the turf with.... Higher-Quality topsoil is not frozen, your sod: late summer and fall... That they had sodded the entire front lawn Long will sod last it... Well in the summer sun, and they will not have spring rain where you will be your... Season the best time to install sod in August, for example, means extra watering to keep grass! Is still far away that lends you enough time to lay sod is during the cold, though even takes. Green up this means you have more time to lay sod anytime of the first seven,. Fall when temperatures are cooler but grass continues to grow at this time the! Green when you first lay them but might not do as well in drought conditions very well as! Have time to complete your project warm and cold-season grasses when it is during the spring season!

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