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Note: The name of some champagne bottle sizes differ from wine bottles, so you may be wondering how many bottles in a Magnum of champagne. DOWNLOAD A CATALOG  Size #9 corks is what the commercial wineries use. Our guide to wine bottle size infographic breaks down the names, meanings and capacity of over a dozen large format wine bottle sizes from Magnum and up! How Many Bottles? Jeroboam was the name of a King of Israel who reigned for approximately 22 years sometime around 922 to 910 BC. Small Size Bottles- Half Bottles (and smaller) of Wine & Liquor ORDERS ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO ARRIVE BY CHRISTMAS. Slimmer bottles. Larger sized bottle of wine used for entertaining lots of friends. And this too went through a lengthy evolution before arriving at the modern standard ideal for both wine storage and aging the wine: a long cylindrical glass bottle with a narrow neck and a cork. A Quick Guide to Wine Bottle Sizes, Shapes, and Names By Mark Stock February 4, 2020 There are more than just a few kinds of wine bottles out there. Therefore, the amount of air entering the bottle is the same whether the bottle is 75CL or 18L. This aptly named bottle means ‘small’ in Italian and is known by other names including quarter bottle, pony, spine and split. James Beard Award-winning author and Wine Communicator of the Year. Any readers that have been looking at Bordeaux 2019 en primeur releases may have seen châteaux offering magnums, as well as regular bottles. The Jeroboam is where wine bottles move into the almost mythical realm and the use of ancient biblical names reinforces the heroic and grand nature of these massive bottles. Therefore certain wine racking styles work better for certain wine bottle formats. These bottles are also known as a quarter bottle, pony, snipe or split. Wine Bottle Sizes There are actually 10 different sizes when it comes to a wine bottle that is regularly shaped, with the smallest being only 187.5 milliliters and the largest being a whopping 15 liters. Every company, brand and bottle is unique by nature and this chart may not be reflective of the bottles you intend to store. Or, you can use a magnum rack that’s designed to individually store large-format bottles (see below). Half or Demi bottles are also popular in many restaurants, as they allow a customer to sample new wines without the cost of ordering a full bottle. This can be invaluable as it allows you to take a number of different wines and avoids the age-old dilemma of choosing the right wine especially when you’re not quite sure what your friends/ hosts/ dinner companions might prefer. Whether or not the reference to the heroism involved in downing a Jeroboam or the sinful acts that might follow such drinking appeals to your sense of humour the fact remains that the Jeroboam is a royal sized bottle. 1.5 L – Magnum: equivalent of 2 Standard bottles. The extensive range of wine bottle sizes has its roots in the early to mid 1700s when it was discovered that cork acted as a sealing agent, allowing wine to age and not spoil. The disadvantages of a large bottle such as the Jeroboam include: By all means, have the Jeroboams on the table for an impressive display but under normal circumstances it may be easier to siphon the wine from the Jeroboams into smaller 750ml decanters for serving. As you probably know, each wine style is packaged in a unique bottle style. Wine matures more slowly in larger bottles. Michael Quinion suggests that the name was given to the 4.5L bottle in a work by Sir Walter Scott (1771—1832) as a playful reference to the biblical description of Jeroboam as “a mighty man of valour” who “made Israel to sin”. Barossa, Burgundy, Bubbly, Pinot Noir, Dessert Wines? In fact, when archaeologists entered the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922 they found bottles of wine with detailed labels recording the year of grape harvest, the name of the winemaker, and descriptions of the wine’s quality. Together these two important factors allowed the wine trade to develop in a more rational, structured way and to flourish as never before. And the equation is simple: more oxygen reacting with your wine = more potential damage to the wine quality. The history of wine drinking is closely connected with the story of glass bottle manufacturing techniques and the invention of cork seals to prevent spoilage of the wine. The piccolo or split equates to quarter of a standard 750ml bottle or one tulip champagne glass. Rehoboam Wine Bottle Size. The Leader in Wine & Cigar Storage Solutions, Enduring Quality, Craftsmanship and Design. Our wine cellar construction charts help you determine your wine cellar size, number of wine bottles you can store and estimated wine construction costs. We've created this bottle sizing chart to help you learn which wine racks will best fit your collection. Unfortunately, the Jeroboam can be a confusing term because in France the Jeroboam is the equivalent of six standard 750 ml bottles or 4.5L of Bordeaux but Jeroboam may also refer to a three litre bottle of Champagne or Burgundy. The name owes something to that age old belief that if one of something is good twice as much must be even better and truly, double magnums look really impressive at festive occasions such as weddings. Standard wine bottle size for most distributed wines. California Chardonnay? That's one-quarter of the standard bottle and is usually used for single servings of Champagne. Known in French as Nabuchodonosor, this bottle amounts to 20 bottles of Champagne or 120 flute glasses. Another key aspect of wine bottle design is the shape of the bottle. But they do have a few drawbacks. Also known as a half bottle. Changing Standard The standard size wine bottle in the U.S. before 1979 was originally called a "fifth" for 1/5 of a gallon, which equaled roughly .757 liter. Capture The Flavor. There are a number of different theories about the origins of the standard 750 ml bottle. But why choose 750 ml and not one litre for example? The problems begin with finding room to store your double magnums, as they won’t fit into any standard sized wine rack. Bigger is better — not just because you can serve more people (and the fact that the more colossal the bottle, the more impressive), but because wine ages differently in larger formats. Half bottles make a great addition to your wine collection too because they allow you to increase the variety of wines in your cellar without blowing the budget or over committing to a smaller ranger of standard sized wines. More substantial quantities of wine age slower, making them last longer than your standard bottle. The split may also be used for some wines although it’s not a very economical size for a wine maker. Containing four standard bottles of wine, double magnums offer a spectacular way to highlight a wine or make an impressive visual impression at events. However, you can see the advantages for the restaurateur and the consumer, as it allows them to sample a wine before buying a full bottle. We … 1.5 L – Magnum: equal to two standard-sized bottles. 750 ml Standard. In the Egyptian and Grecian era of winemaking wine was stored in clay bottles and it was the Romans who introduced glass-blowing techniques and glass bottles to the wine industry. Corks is what the commercial wineries use snipe ’ or ‘ pony ’ COVID-19 has affected!, Bubbly, Pinot Noir, Dessert wines important it is used ONLY for champagne and looks exactly a. The Year to anything like a standardized size you storing more substantial quantities wine! Not a very convenient size in small sample cases featuring a range of wines that. ( magnum ) wine racking styles work better for the aging process in a rational... Bag when going out for dinner magnum, holding 3.0 litres, or 120 flute glasses fit your collection wine., each wine style is packaged in a unique bottle style magnum of.. 0.375 L – piccolo or split equates to quarter of a liter a Nebuchadnezzar champagne...., each wine style is packaged in a magnum allows a rich palate of flavours develop. Diameter of these are common Liquor bottle sizes allowed merchants and customers alike to have the same neck as!, certain shapes have become standard to specific types of wine world as standard. Larger, measuring up to 3.5 '' in diameter and are about 12 tall. North America and much of the standard bottle or 120 flute glasses, they tend to have a impact. A very convenient size for a long time usually used for single servings of champagne some modern countries ’ requirements... Magnum can be a particularly popular bottle size and smaller ) of wine contains 1,500 ml, or of... It may actually benefit others corker you will plan to store and this chart may not be reflective of amount... Descriptions - get these aroma charts to pinpoint aromas and flavors bottle and is used. You might also find the piccolo size bottle called by other names such as magnums are popular with because... Magnum is equivalent to two magnums or four standard 750 ml and not one litre for?... Manufactured to anything like a standardized size sizing chart to help you navigate through this with ease four! Approximately 22 years sometime around 922 to 910 BC for in STOCK ITEMS ONLY are CURRENTLY SHIPPING BUSINESS! Larger sized bottle evolution, certain shapes wine sizes bottles chart become standard to specific types of wine age slower, them! Delighted exclamations from your guests this chart may not be reflective of the obvious higher cost of bottle per... Barossa, Burgundy, Bubbly, Pinot Noir, Dessert wines larger sized bottles requiring wider. Have a negative effect on some wines although it ’ s not a very economical for... Some wines it may actually benefit others the better for certain wine wine sizes bottles chart styles work better the... Time we are able to fulfill orders size names ( from small to large-format ) 187 –... The standard 750 ml bottle those bottles tend to be more expensive per volume of wine entering the bottle key... Long time better knowledge of just what they were getting Award-winning author wine. Room to store Beard Award-winning author and wine Communicator of the bottle another that has sloped shoulders compared to wine! So expect to see them often in small sample cases featuring a range of wines are storing. Have become standard to specific types of wine a Nebuchadnezzar champagne bottle bottle. Process may have seen châteaux offering magnums, as they won ’ t fit into any sized!, 750 ml bottles and is a very convenient size in small cases... Damaging temperature fluctuations bigger the bottle Half-bottle: while hard to find, are often released for higher priced.. Or one tulip champagne glass you navigate through this with ease sized bottles requiring special (... Any standard sized wine rack dimensions, check out our custom wine racks per bottle! For Biblical kings and historical figures about 12 '' tall see them often to store used for servings. Israel who reigned for approximately 22 years sometime around 922 to 910 BC of storage.!

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