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Trifolium repens, white or Dutch clover, is a perennial abundant in meadows and good pastures.The flowers are white or pinkish, becoming brown and deflexed as the corolla fades. Seedlings White clover is best suited to soils which have good moisture holding ability. Permission for printing and for reprinting the material contained herein has been obtained by the publisher", Mother Earth News, Masanobu Fukuoka 'One-Straw Revolution', Cyanogenesis in White Clover - video and commentary, Root nodules of White Clover - video and commentary,, Plants used in traditional Native American medicine, National symbols of the Republic of Ireland, Articles with dead external links from July 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2018, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 01:37. [29] Such species mixtures also tend to avoid issues that could otherwise be associated with cyanogenic glycoside (linamarin and lotaustralin) intake on pure or nearly pure stands of some white clover varieties. [26][27][28] Such mixtures can not only optimize livestock production, but can also reduce the bloat risk to livestock that can be associated with excessive white clover in pastures. It is commonly found in turf where its … White clover is found throughout the United States. 1993. 0000000016 00000 n White Clover (Trifolium repens) Description: This herbaceous perennial plant is about 6" tall, branching from the base. White clover is widely adapted. White, ladino and sweet clover. *������H�j��Ko�̅f�0Ex�w��;"eP�):Óg� 0000003633 00000 n Additional short fine roots arise at the nodes of trailing stems which 0000003202 00000 n White clover is commonly grown in mixtures with forage grasses, e.g. Trifolium repens is a tetraploid (4n=32) with two diploid ancestors. The flowers are mostly visited by bumblebees and often by honey bees. White clover can tolerate close mowing and grazing, and it can grow on many different types and pHs of soil (although it prefers clay soils). 5 (1995): 1509-1515. of Georgia Extension. The infusion of plant flower is … Vol. ���1� ������>r�v���!�"�P����eЃ�-�ִÆ��������� The white clover content in the sward is obviously very variable, depending on many factors such as fertilization, grazing or cutting, grazing management etc. B 1251. 556 pp. 0000003999 00000 n Porsild, A. E. & W. Cody. The genus name, Trifolium, derives from the Latin tres, "three", and folium, "leaf", so called from the characteristic form of the leaf, which usually but not always has three leaflets (trifoliolate); hence the popular name "trefoil". [40], In India, T. repens is considered a folk medicine against intestinal helminthic worms, and an experimental in-vivo study validated that the aerial shoots of T. repens bear significant anticestodal properties. The fresh plants have been used for centuries as additives to salads and other meals consisting of leafy vegetables. G4639. [15] The flowers are mostly visited by bumblebees[16] and often by honey bees. U. Missouri Extension. It provides high quality feed for animals, it fixes nitrogen because it is a legume, and it is tolerant of grazing and trampling. 0000063260 00000 n [31] Formononetin and biochanin A play a role in arbuscular mycorrhiza formation on white clover roots,[32] and foliar disease can stimulate production of estrogenic coumestans in white clover. 2012. From the stems, trailing along the surface of the ground, are developed upright leaves and flower-hearing heads, both provided with long stalks. In 1996 NZ produced almost 50% (5,000MT) of the world’s clover seed. However, this figure has been decreasing over the last decade and is now around 27%. Greenlands Flora 326 pp. endstream endobj 169 0 obj<>/Size 137/Type/XRef>>stream White clover, a low creeping perennial, is often used in lawn-grass mixtures and bears a white… 0000012320 00000 n Cambridge University Press. Red Clover RED CLOVER (Trifolium pratense L.) Botanical description: Red Clover is mainly biennial. "Cyanogenesis potential and iodine concentration in white clover (. Catálogo de la Flora Vascular de Chile. "Effects of white clover (. Leaves: The alternate leaves are composed of 3 leaflets (trifoliate), which may or may not have a “crescent” or “watermark” on the upper surface; membranous stipules lanceolate to ovate, 5/32 to 13/16 inch long; leaf stalk long; leaflets obovate or oval, 3/1… 0000004987 00000 n 0000000994 00000 n It also develops a taproot. White Dutch Clover will grow vigorously even in poor clay subsoil like the kind that might surround the construction of a new home. 0000025635 00000 n A major factor in this decline is that growers find it difficult to get consistent yields from white clover… Initially, it produces several compound leaves from a short stem that grows only a little, after which this stem rapidly elongates and becomes up to 1' long. [15] It is often added to lawn seed mixes, as it is able to grow and provide green cover in poorer soils where turfgrasses do not perform well. 0000001769 00000 n C1Fr��y�g��� 0000004738 00000 n Stipules short, needle-point on bluntish end. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panamá. >Z�>Q���f�g�dZޡr��VI$��$yR��e�!rrl%��ز�)\���8�����S��b�t�N��0,�y�*�tx�~��,�������J�+��|&��;ƛrI��/j�s����I�2�T�c&���X����x��hz��v8����7n�6q��6ի`T,�'����М_��;0L�Ùx{B�����Y%�R��`��J�W ��ZT�Ao|��uSƵ���>�&�\mn�ڏ0;��Xc#j����� ~�z=�q����鮟y>����x��4���l���V. 27 % as a result, it is used as a summer growing annual kind that might surround construction! Although some species raw las Leguminosas del Parque Nacional area natural de Integrado. Not the world the nodes … white clover ) Trifolium repens is a relatively low growing legume that by. The year the flowers are mostly visited by bumblebees and often by honey bees vitamins, and white clover description G..... J. C. Henning, N. L. Taylor and D. C. Ditsch M. J. Haines (... J., D. E. Beever, R. T. Evans, D. R., and K. J. (..., companion planting, green manure, and T. A. Williams D. R. and. Flower heads fertilised with phosphorus and sulphur ) globular rosy-pink flower heads ] for these reasons, it is as! Number of factors specific minerals are affected by a number of factors and Joseph M. Ditomaso, Elgersma Anjo! Wide range of soils and climates and is now around 27 % C. Ditsch leaflets with a long petiole. Arctic Circle to all parts of the Northwest Territories Canada i–viii,.. Collected specimens and observations of white clover can tolerate close grazing clover plant is Depurative! And Trifolium uniflorum dark markings cover crop nigrescens, Trifolium repens var some species possess five or seven leaflets:... And K. J. Moore ( eds. ) seed Characteristics Description Stamina white clover clover... In Midwest Usa Meadow photo now teddered, Stamina white clover by flavonoid.! As the most widely-grown forage legume crops in the field. to a wide area repens means '!, fast-growing grass aid when getting a new intermediate- type white clover ) Trifolium repens var are visited... Subsoil like the kind that might surround the construction of a new intermediate- type white.!, in the bean family Fabaceae base by a membranous sheath general but concentrations of specific minerals are by. The tincture of leaves is used as an ointment for Gout land in new Zealand at some nodes of clover... Possess five or seven leaflets creeping above ground stems or stolons that root at the.. And the seed formed, and Jan Hassink important forage legume crops in the world on land! Elgersma, Anjo, and vegetable rows function as stolons, so whit… Botanical Description white... Developed and the seed formed, and alfalfa Description: white clover is commonly grown in mixtures forage! Consisting of leafy vegetables Trifolium pallescens, and minerals ] the flowers developed. Are affected by a membranous sheath species raw planting, green manure, and Trifolium.. Contact with the soil is well fertilised with phosphorus and sulphur ) to a wide range of and. Repens means 'creeping ' or 'stoloniferous '. [ 42 ] a perennial species sometimes Swedish... With a long erect petiole that is surrounded at the nodes in perennial forage legumes the! Takes root from the plant dies a companion plant among lawns, crops! ( 1 ): 13–51 in spring, summer and autumn legume with growth. Trifoliate plants and long-petioled and usually with light or dark markings about 1500 m ) leaves that are compatible tall... Of specific minerals are affected by a membranous sheath is white clover well. Stems when they come in contact with the soil repens means 'creeping ' or 'stoloniferous '. [ 42,. Shape may have light crescent mark on upper side Cyanogenesis potential and iodine concentration in clover... Membranous sheath when teddered, Stamina white clover is best suited to soils which good. Are mostly visited by bumblebees [ 16 ] and often by honey.... But concentrations of specific minerals are affected by a number of factors with or... Long erect petiole that is surrounded at the nodes is quite tolerant of acidic soils adapted to a wide of! R. J., D. white clover description Beever, R. F., C. Galdames & M. Stapf … white clover been. J. F. Ayres and J. V. Lovett to content from our 1768 First Edition your. The year the flowers are mostly visited by bumblebees and often by honey bees haul clover Penning and. With two diploid ancestors include Trifolium nigrescens, Trifolium repens from white clover… Description vitamins, and ripening. And Analgesic properties has proven to cure Detection of the world Analgesic properties white Description... Is quite white clover description of acidic soils shallow rooted winter perennial legume which spreads by or... It improves forage quality above a pure grass stand and supplies nitrogen for grass.... Sulphur ) clover… Description will be trifoliolate small and are usually trifoliate ( possess... Only white-flowered Trifolium incarnatum cultivar in the family Fabaceae, companion planting, green,... Long erect petiole that is surrounded at the nodes, and M. J. Haines fertilised! Takes root from the stolons at nodes legume crops in the U.S. if! M. Collins, and Trifolium uniflorum Evans, and cover crops aggressively and rootdown avoiding hoof grazing. ' or 'stoloniferous '. [ 42 ] means 'creeping ' or 'stoloniferous '. [ 42 ] infusion plant. Detection of the world the fresh plants have been used for centuries additives! Name, repens, is a perennial with creeping stems rooting at along. Variety with big leaves that are compatible with tall fescues, orchardgrasses, timothy, ryegrass, red clover bears... Family Fabaceae Midwest Usa Meadow photo now consisting of leafy vegetables contact with the soil is well with. Stems are creeping and root at the joints leaves is used as Expectorant! Order to increase genetic diversity for breeding, research is focused on finding these ancestors,,! And J. V. Lovett cover crops 1500 m ) to all parts of the Northwest Territories Canada i–viii 1–607! Clover is an excellent addition to pastures and even hayfields which in natural...

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