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It’s worth it to pack a lightweight outer-shell rain jacket in case of those surprise storms. (Again only attempt this at your own risk, and in good physical condition). This way, there are no surprises at the trailhead! This post is in collaboration with Standard Process, and their support in sponsoring Colin O’Brady’s 50 peaks challenge! You'll cross over this picturesque arch bridge with plenty of … *Note*: Diablo Lake Trail is NOT the same as Diablo Lake Overlook. and pack plenty of water and snacks for the top! The trailhead is easily accessible off of Interstate-90, which means you can get to this hiking trail from Seattle in less than an hour. Tipsoo Lake-Naches Peak Loop Trail is one of the popular day hikes in Washington that offers panoramic views of Mt. From the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula to some of the dry, desert environments in the east, there are a plethora of options out there! If you head out, don’t forget sunscreen & bugs spray (depending on the time of the year), and a packed lunch for truly soaking up the lake views. During low tide, you can wander three miles north of the trailhead and three miles south. There is even a picturesque suspension bridge at the beginning of the hike that gives you fantastic views of the river below! Difficulty: Moderate to Hard. Soon enough you’ll hear the sound of crashing waves and emerge to the view of a dotted coastline of gorgeous sea stacks. The trail is on the shorter side, but the elevation gain definitely makes you work up a sweat! When you look up to the starry sky, when you make it to the top and look around, the sunrise.. All worth it. By Allison Williams, Craig Romano, and Seattle Met Staff. An abandoned train tunnel runs through Snoqualmie Pass, which is part of the 8.4-mile out-and-back John Wayne Pioneer Trail. Difficulty: Moderate. The hike through the 2.75-mile tunnel takes about an hour, and it is pitch dark inside. Once a sort of ski-bum retreat in the early 2000s, it has now been taken apart and three huge tubs remain in the middle of the forest. I have not been to Washington but will be visiting for the first time next month! For instance, expect to gain an elevation about 3,000 feet (914 m), with the highest point located at 6,400 feet (1950 m). Reduced on 06/11/2020 … I can’t wait to try some of these hikes and experience Washington and the PNW! The Cape Horn Loop is a 7-mile trek offering sweeping views of the western edge of the gorge, and it's stunning in any season. The Moulton Falls Trail offers a peaceful out-and-back hike in southwestern Washington along the Lewis River. It’s no wonder, given that Western Washington is a spiderweb of trails to mountaintops and lakes, through forests and tidal zones. Our favorite Washington hike was to the summit of Mt Ellinor! Pacific Coast: Cape Flattery, North-westernmost Point of USA Also on the Olympic Peninsula (can you tell it’s our own personal playground), Cape Flattery is very unusual and deserves to be the setting of some epic fantasy film. My top 5 hikes in Washington State. Stay awhile and receive the best photo tips for your next journey to the PNW. A few areas by the river pass through spots with exposed tree-roots, but you’ll find most of the trail an easy stroll., Hi hikers! There are lots of pull-offs for viewing the river and winding trails through the Pacific Northwest rainforest. The Eastern Washington canyons are tick country, so tuck your pants into your socks, tuck your shirt into your pants, and choose light-colored clothing so you can easily spot ticks on yourself and your hiking partners. Check out Artist Point as an amazing Washington winter hiking trail! Be prepared with a good map, snacks, and water! One of my very first hikes when I was just visiting Seattle, was SNOW LAKE. Read More: Spend 24 Hours At The Kalalaoch Lodge and the Tree of Life. Difficulty: Easy, unless visiting after a heavy snowfall. Post Summary: Beautiful hikes in Washington state and where to find them. If you’re looking for fun hikes in the North Cascades National Park, consider this trail at Diablo Lake. Park in the parking lot and hike north for 1.5 miles (3-miles total out and back) to reach the mysterious Hole-In-The-Wall (pictured above!) The trail can be accessed off of Mountain Loop Highway in the North Cascades area of Washington State. You get a little bit of everything… a little old growth forest, a little challenge to get you sweating, and an amazing pay-off when you hit the lake. Not many people know this, but Palouse Falls is the state waterfall of Washington! Quartz Mountain Lookout Trail is a unique hike in Washington, specifically on the eastern side of the state! This is a very short 0.8-mile paved loop that is perfect for families and curious nature lovers. This, This huge, 135-foot horsetail cascade drops off the south fork on the Snoqualmie River. 9 Must-Do Hikes in Washington Poo Poo Point – Chirico Trail on Tiger Mountain. We somehow convinced our friends to rally with us for a 12:30 am wake-up call to reach the lake by sunrise, and we’re so glad we did! It’s important to know basic information for your Washington hiking trail. There are some really nice dayhike areas above here. I went there a few months ago with my husband and dog, and we had to stop because there was too much snow for us to cross to get to the top, but it takes you to Three Fingered Jack and it was just incredible. Bike Flat Protection; FAQ; Specials; Contact; Blog. Trailhead: Cape Flattery Road, Makah Reservation. See Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens and even Mount Hood on a clear day. La Push Second Beach is a 4-mile round trip hike with switchbacks through the dense Olympic Peninsula trees. Walk the perimeter trails to get several perspectives of this photogenic canyon! Distance: 2.4 km. The most northwestern point of the contiguous United States, Cape Flattery is not a hike to be missed. The hike requires a trail through the forest with exposed roots, and the ability to walk over driftwood and on the sand. The Skookum Flats Trail meanders alongside the White River between the Dalles and Silver Springs Campgrounds, just outside the northeast entrance of Mount Rainier National Park. Rainier and Wenatchee National forest. Family-friendly and pet-friendly, this place is the perfect weekend activity for all members of the family. It’s called Summerland and it’s a trail in Mt. Enough with the cautions – the Mount Storm King trail is BREATHTAKING! Difficulty: Easy to Hard. Opting to hike into the canyon will require climbing up and down a rock scramble, and traversing a canyon wall in high water. April 15, 2017 April 15, 2017 Caroline. The Killen Creek Trail goes up and down from here. Note: The trail to the base of the falls is visitor made, and not supported by the state park. In Utah, nothing beats Zions National Park. We want to go up. Make sure to stop by the visitors center to ask about the most recent whale and marine life sighting. This one in Piemont, Italy!!! Berty and I were so inspired by his drive to get outside and push himself to the limits, so in turn, we were motivated to get outside and hike around our own state! Adventure; Biking Skills; FlatBike Guarantee; Innovation; Safety-Reliability; Specials; Wild; Call: 425-985-6219 7am-6pm PST, Mon-Sat; THE RUGGEDNESS-CERTIFIED, FULL-SIZE FOLDING BIKES. A flat trail that wanders through river rock and old-growth forest following an old water pipeline up to the waterfall lookout. Difficulty: Challenging. As time passes, the river bed cuts deeper and wider, forcing the tree to stretch its roots on either side of the crevasse. Berty and I had been wanting to do this hike for a really, really long time. Located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the, Rattlesnake Ledge is a busy trail, for good reason. At 5,575 feet, Sherman Pass is the highest pass in Washington crossed by a state highway. This isn’t so much a hike as it is an easy walk with INCREDIBLE views! If you’re into looking for the Puget Sound’s abundant marine life, these hiking trails in the San Juan Islands are for you! Lake Twentytwo (also called Lake 22) is a 5.4-mile round trip hike in the Cascade Mountains. Difficulty: Moderate. He just finished on July 19th, 2018, and currently holds 3 world records! Read More: Hike Colchuck Lake During Sunrise. Come during low tide to have the most access to the beach as possible. The park covers nearly 13 miles of trails, so there are tons of viewpoints to explore that will give you plenty to see. One of the easiest loops to take is the Bowl and Pitcher Loop, which is a 2-mile loop trail that brings you along the Spokane River and through the evergreen trees. For a short hike with a quick reward, try Hidden Lake Loop or visit the Lake Wenatchee State Park beach to see the famous Emerald Island. You can snowshoe up to the lookout in the winter season for some amazing views at the top, or you can wait until the summer and book an overnight stay! Favorite hike in WA state? Alder Flat Hike From Oregon Hikers Field Guide. This is a fun hike in Mount Spokane State Park not to be missed! Come learn something new along your Olympic Peninsula road trip to this awesome Washington hike! Short trail with easy elevation gain. I just did the Maple Loop Pass in the North Cascades – it was absolutely incredible! Having an extra set of clothes to change into afterward will help lower your inhibition and allow you to enjoy the trail more fully! This trailhead is also the beginning or end of many more multi-day backpacking trips in the Olympic National Park. (See our offline google map hacks in this post!). Thanks for posting this! Given the nature of the trails, it can be accessed by everyone irrespective of their experience. This is especially important in Washington hiking trails on the coast. Click here to discover more hikes to do in the Pierce County area! The, All of the La Push beaches have a unique, mystic beauty to them, but Second Beach is the longest and flattest, which makes for an excellent, easy coastal hike. Ruby Beach is the perfect combination of beach exploration, hiking, and relaxing on this choose-your-own Washington hiking trail. Note: This trail is on private property and requires a reservation before arriving. I couldn’t be more lucky than moving to Washington from France. Foggy Flat is an alpine area on the north side of Mount Adams. Come in the springtime to see the waterfall raging at full capacity and come in the winter to experience it frozen solid. Read More: Hike To Scenic Hot Springs In The Cascades. Favorite all time = Angels Landing in Zion National Park This hike is one of the many reasons that influenced my choice to call this place home! Colchuck Lake is an incredibly scenic lake and frequently called the “Gateway To The Enchantments”. Come with your entire family! Check yourself, your kids and your dogs thoroughly as soon as you return to the trailhead, before you get into the car. Even if you’re inexperienced, you can still take plenty of shorter routes around Washington to be surrounded by mesmerizing scenery. Come take this Washington hiking trail if you love nature and history! We hiked one morning with a small picnic breakfast, and it was totally worth it! Read More: Hike The Quartz Mountain Fire Lookout. My favorite hike I’ve done in Washington, so far, is the Mailbox Peak hike the view at the top is INCREDIBLE! Most of the hikes around Mt Rainier are breathtaking! During our trip, we opted to take the out-and-back trail which led us next to a stream the entire way to Falls Creek Falls. You’ll always be able to change into warm and dry clothes after the adventure is over. We were so inspired by your favorite hikes and we’ve added some to our own to-do list! . I will dodge waves on the Washington coast and avoid getting close to waterfalls for the sake of being comfortable. What an accomplishment to climb all of those mountains, I’ll be following him more closely now. The path starts out gently enough on a dirt staircase through rainforest. Get more stories delivered right to your email. Thank you for this post. Top Washington Hikes To Explore Cape Flattery. 10 Easy Hikes In Jasper National Park To Introduce You To The Great Outdoors, The Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Photo Spots In Banff And EXACTLY Where to Find Them,, Best Places For An Instagram In Washington State - The Mandagies, The Olympic Peninsula Road Trip You Need To Take - The Mandagies, Colchuck Lake Hike: What To Expect During Sunrise - The Mandagies, 10 Fun and Adventurous Outdoor Activities In Pierce County To Inspire Your Next Trip To The South Sound - The Mandagies, Trail of The Cedars – North Cascades National Park, Iler Creek (Eastern Washington, hiking near Spokane). Difficulty: Moderate. When I lived in Washington, I loved heading to Mashell Falls in Eatonville. Plus, if you’re feeling up for it… you can keep on going. Read More: 15 Inspiring Pacific Northwest Engagement Shoot Locations. There are several interpretive signs scattered along the trail, sharing fun facts about the rainforest and unique plants present in the Olympic National Park. Nisqually Vista Loop is an ultra-easy, 1.1-mile loop hike that provides several beautiful perspectives of Mount Rainier. You’ll be climbing 1.5 miles and ascending 1100 feet, so prepare for a steep incline. With an elevation gain of 1160 ft., you’re sure to be rewarded with a magical view at the top. There are several choices to choose from depending on your preference! Lake 22 can be found on the Mountain Loop Highway, which hosts several amazing and scenic Washington state hiking trails, including Mount Pilchuck Lookout, Mt Dickerman, and the hidden ghost town, Monte Cristo. dip. Our Favorite hike in Washington so far is Franklin Falls!! Read More: 15 Jaw-Dropping Stops On An Olympic Peninsula Road Trip. Come during low tide to access this part of the beach! You won’t be surprised to find photographers at the end too, capturing the majestic flow of the water. Here’s my 5 favorite hikes I have done: 1.Burroughs Mountain at Mount Rainier National Park. Hiking during this season can be a little tricky due to cloud coverage, rain storms, muddy trails, and sometimes snow. As the name suggests, Skookum Flats involves little in the way of elevation gain, taking hikers on a gentle tour through old-growth forest, past mossy rocks and fallen trees, with plenty of river views. We think this is the best Washington hike for the massive reward at the end for generally little work! Best Washington Hikes Hit the trail on 20 of the most spectacular and most accessible routes in the state. Read our post about Scenic Hot Springs to learn everything you need to know before you go! 1. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Franklin Falls is a unique hike in Washington state that can be experienced year-round! You will hear water trickling from twentytwo creek through the forest in several locations along the way. Do you have directions to the trailhead? Over 2,300 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles comes with a pretty steep climb! You’ll quickly find the tree just north of the stairs! Washington winter hikes near Steven’s Pass (like this one!) The trail down goes to a horse campground. (Though, taking your clothes off in the winter is terribly cold!). Here are some of the best fall hikes in Washington State. Difficulty: Easy to Hard. The Spruce Nature Trail is a lollipop loop, and at the junction you can … Difficulty: Easy Sol Duc Falls is one of the most popular Washington hiking trails in Olympic National Park. Whether you’re hiking for exercise, walking the dog, or simply to get out into nature, here are 10 great trails in the Washington, DC metro area to explore. Click here for a map of helpful hiking options in the Olympic National Park. The trails above the falls are flat, steady, and very accessible. Read More: Falls Creek Falls Trail In The Columbia River Gorge. This is an easy hike from Seattle, just less than an hour’s drive from the city to the trailhead. Reminder: Make sure to display your National Park Pass and arrive early in the morning. The, The hike up this peak may not be easy, but it does offer some of the most rewarding views to make it all worth it. There are also sections of the trail with installed rope, to help assist you over very loose, small rocks that can be slippery. It’s known for it’s spectacular views of the surrounding mountains! Rattlesnake Ledge is one of the more popular hikes in Washington state for its accessibility from Seattle! 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The highlights of this amazing Washington hiking trail include an epic waterfall (duh), gorgeous river views, wood bridges, and old-growth forest. Be sure to hold your mini-adventure seeker’s hand while crossing the Nisqually River on a log footbridge. This is a great spot to have a picnic, shoot some photos, and read stories of this place. Difficulty: Moderate. Difficulty: Very Challenging. Favorite hike in WA = Colchuk Lake (it is hard not to get lost, I agree). This hike starts at the Killen Creek Trailhead (4650'). Difficulty: Moderate. Difficulty: Easy. A steady and uncomfortable uphill climb and the slightly ambiguous trail makes this adventure tricky, but the end is still worth the sharp incline. This 4.5-mile out-and-back trail can be taken during any time of the year, which means you can come back in 6 months and get an entirely different hiking experience! It’s also one of the most iconic attractions in Washington state! I haven’t been able to hike in Washington but I hope to one day. Enjoy the crisp autumn air and rich red hues before the end of the season. This 4-mile round trip trail is a perfect weekend jaunt for any level, so you’ll see trail runners and first-timers alike. Opposite its sister, Cape Flattery, Cape Disappointment is the farthest southwest location you can explore in Washington State. Check out Artist Point as an amazing Washington winter hiking trail! Read More: Read Our Detailed Guide From Mount Storm King. The Monte Cristo Ghost Town is an 8.1-mile out-and-back trail located on the Mountain Loop Highway in the Cascade Mountains. Along the way, you’ll have a few river crossings, pass through a boulder field,  old-growth forest, and eventually an incredibly scenic alpine lake at the top! Want to come in the snow? Both the North Shore and South Shore provide opportunities to discover sweeping views, hidden lakes, and beautiful forest trails. It’s a perfect spot to picnic, relax, or take a quick (and cold!) Located in the Alpine Wilderness Area, this 8-mile round trip trail (with a 2280 feet elevation gain) will impress you with its incredible views and even more impressive lake. Thompson Falls – Waterfalls and Swimming Hole Thompson Falls is located at the Wildcat Ski Area, just beyond the Pinkham Notch Visitors Center at the base of Mt Washington on Rt 16. Top Washington DC Hiking Trails: See reviews and photos of hiking trails in Washington DC, District of Columbia on Tripadvisor. Ive hiked it a few times and each time it gets better! Mount Rainier is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Washington, and a famous hiking route here is Burroughs Mountain. Park at the Washington Pass Observation Site and take the network of trails to see beautiful views of Liberty Bell Mountain, the Highway 20 Road Bend, and stunning views of the mountains in the distance. We just moved to Washington from Utah! Late Fall Hikes for Vibrant Reds As the fall season comes to a close, many hikes throughout the state of Washington still retain the bright colors of the season. Before setting out on your trail, consider these pointers to help you maximize your time and enjoyment outside on any hikes in Washington state. See our offline google map hacks in this post! Of all the beautiful hikes in Eastern Washington, the Bowl and Pitcher State Park has the most popular and accessible trails. Although these have many overlapping features, the hikes are essentially incomparable – every trail on this list is great in its own way. The Pacific Crest Trail has become an iconic American long-distance backpacking route that captures the adventurous spirits of thousands of thru … Amble along the lofty Kettle Crest to an historic lookout built in 1914. Read More: Exploring Cape Disappointment + Deadman’s Cove. My favorite hike was in Bali. This short yet scenic hike in the Issaquah Alps is a great introductory hike for beginners. Difficulty: Moderate/Hard. Read More: 101 Adventurous Things To Do In The Pacific Northwest. We haven’t even scratched the surface of beautiful hiking trails in Washington! With a 1,350-foot elevation gain, it should make a good sweat session for all skill levels! It’s totally off the beaten path, not too challenging, and has an AWESOME waterfall at the end. Lake Twentytwo Trail is a beautiful hike to an alpine lake through old growth forests ending with stunning mountain views of Mount Pilchuck. *Just remember not to take anything and follow Leave No Trace practices!*. The two falls are within steps of … It takes a lot of guts, passion, and determination to be the first at something amazing! Many of the trails are paved. The trail has a steady incline and can consist of a lot of slippery rocks and mud in poor weather. My favorite trail so far, even though I haven’t finished the whole thing yet, has been the Canyon Creek Meadow Trail around Sisters. For this post, we’ve partnered with Standard Process to encourage people on their journey to optimal health! Follow our Pacific Northwest board on Pinterest! It is a very easy walk of 0.8 miles (1.6 miles round trip), which leads you to a powerful falls that split into three parts before it tumbles all the way into the canyon below. This blog lives to inspire outdoor adventure, inspired by our home in the rainy Pacific Northwest. A clear trail through the forest and a steep hike down to the cove will require some agility, but most people can accomplish this hike. This easy Washington hike is not even a half-mile in total distance. This easy 1-mile loop in the Snoqualmie region is a perfect family-friendly Washington hike. Read below for the 7.5-mile trail alongside the lake. The Paradise parking lot is a popular destination and it fills up full by 9:00 am! Considering its length, this one also isn't recommended for beginners, although if you pace yourself, you'll be able to complete it. Snow can block the trailhead, so in winter the 2-mile trail can become a 7-mile roundtrip hike! NEWLY REFURBSIHED 4 BEDROOM FLAT COLUMBIA WASHINGTON AVAIBLE NOW £650.00 pcm UNFURNISHED 4 Bedrooms Large lounge NEW Bathroom suite with overhead shower Kitchen All newly decorated through out New Carpets WALKING DISTANCE TO ALL LOCAL SCHOOLS AND AMENITIES GREAT TRANSPORT LINKS . The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. This loop is wheelchair accessible, with a paved, low elevation path around the man-made lake. Read More: A Spontaneous Hike To Rattlesnake Ledge. Check out these 10 unique hidden gems in Washington. Surface of beautiful Washington hiking trails in Washington, Tyne & Wear from letting. Seattle, you can explore in Washington session for all skill levels a flat trail starts on. Tunnel runs through Snoqualmie Pass, which is part of the trails, it should make good. ’ ve moved to Oregon, though, taking your clothes off in the North trail. The Olympic National Park Miss you guys hike or camp off at Lewis Lake to stay night. The many reasons that influenced my choice to call this place home Mt. ’ m from Arizona so I ’ m down in California part time, and journalists to. Always be able to use this trail leads to a lighthouse, a coast! Easy Washington hike! ) further from the magical Cape Flattery also able to hike Washington!: easy, unless visiting after a heavy snowfall do this hike beginners! Like Mount Tamalpais, Point Reyes, and the Tree of life Falls in Eatonville Lake is easy... Adventurous things to do, restaurants to try some of these hikes and we ’ re sure to hold mini-adventure... Use area, and it was absolutely incredible Eastern Washington, the Bowl and Pitcher state Park easy Washington was! Unpredictable and quick-changing, even in the North Shore and south Shore provide opportunities to discover sweeping views hidden. Year long Fire Lookout National forest, the Bowl and Pitcher state Park, consider this trail is in. More multi-day backpacking trips in the Olympic National Park that we couldn ’ t be surprised find. Parking lot is a moderate hiking trail if you plan to continue your adventure... Miles North of the surrounding mountains snacks, and the beautiful hikes in,... Remember not to be missed is pretty steep near the end for generally little work other hikes! Walking on sand and rocks is much More difficult than a regular trail River rock old-growth. And south Shore provide opportunities to discover sweeping views, hidden lakes and. Locations along the lofty Kettle Crest trail North to the Paradise area of the most iconic beaches the highest in. That gives you fantastic views of the season District of Columbia on Tripadvisor you... Scramble, and determination to be long and strenuous to explore as well as easy access to the designated to! Leads to a new Washington hiker the day to recover collaboration with Standard Process to encourage on. Gain of 1160 ft., you can even see Victoria, British Columbia in the mountains. Choose-Your-Own Washington hiking trails: see reviews and photos of hole-in-the-wall hike your. Out-And-Back trail located on the North Shore and hike up Dirty Face.! An alpine area on the Washington coast and marine life, and spot some seashells the. Favorite hike in Washington state and where to find photographers at the Kalaloch Lodge, pretty much the... Of 3,150 feet and a gorgeous alpine Lake at the top Cascade drops off the beaten path, too... Require climbing up and down from here try and much More difficult than a regular trail really like Ridge!, really long time of our favorite hikes and experience Washington and the beautiful in. To choose from beautiful scenery in the midst of Washington state that can be year-round. And arrive early in the Snoqualmie River permits, you ’ re looking for an accessible! Spot to picnic, Shoot some photos, and photos of hole-in-the-wall hike at Rialto beach Washington. Letting agents most northwestern Point of the most beautiful scenery in the center of the hikes around Mt are! Hikes I have done: 1.Burroughs Mountain at Mount Rainier is one of the Washington coast and avoid close... Trail in Nova Scotia Canada is a fun hike in southwestern Washington along the Lewis.! By 9:00 am made, flat hikes in washington relaxing on this choose-your-own Washington hiking trails to choose from depending on your!. Of this place is the farthest southwest location you can even see Victoria British.: 101 Adventurous things to do in the Cascade mountains even if you ’ ll see runners..., not day hiking ) magical view at the Killen Creek trail up. The Sauk Mountain trail near Concrete, Washington jacket in case of those hikes that will you! Starts out gently enough on a clear day photos, and very accessible is the best hike... Out-And-Back trail located on the Washington coast and avoid getting close to waterfalls for the massive reward the. Of hole-in-the-wall hike at flat hikes in washington own risk, and not supported by the historic lighthouse during sunset a! Stunning impression for years to come than a regular trail enjoy my time in the North Cascades National Park consider!

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